Swimming Lessons for Children

In the Olympic pool of SKARAS Village and in the children's pool this year like last year we will have swimming lessons for children. Children from kindergartens and primary school may come in contact with the liquid element and getting the right directions to learn swimming by special personnel.

The program is aimed at children 6 to 12 years. The swimming program begins immediately after the end of the school year June 15 and lasts until July 29th. The monthly subscription fee for every day intensive course is 30, - Euro and entitles each child entry for swimming and at all other hours that operates the pool to the public. Special prices for brothers and sisters and for each additional month.

The program will be from Monday to Friday at 10:00 to 12:00 hours. We will have age groups and learning in each group is 45 minutes. Educated trainers and personnel responsible for safety undertake the guidance of children.

Exactly like every year also this summer season is over. Skaras Village administration announces to our loyal public and the swimmers that use our swimming pool facilities, that they will remain closed from today on. We wish to everybody a good month September, have a good time in autumn and we renew our appointment with our loyal friends until the following summer period.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 to 6:00 pm we schedule to offer programms for Adults Aqua Aerobic. Participation is for all who enter the swimming pool.  Inform us about your interest to take part and your registration to our next Aqua Aerobic session.


Swimming training groups for children from 6 to 12 yrs every day from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 11:00 am. Price per month 40,- euros.

Share your happiest family events, your birthday parties with the personal servise of Skaras Village events multiplex.

On Sunday June 1st the Parents' Unions of kindergarten, primary and secondary schools of Liti and Melissochori organize a school cycling race with termination the complex of Skaras Village.

Exacly like every year, also in the summer 2014 our Olympic swimming pool and our children swimming pool are going to operate for the public every day from 11:00 to 19:00. Soon we are going to share more information for the activities and the happenings that we plan to organize. More information about the seazon cards, family and group offers in our link http://www.skaras.gr/en/blog/itemlist/category/66-swimming-for-the-public and by telephone.

After the unexpected weather conditions we announce that the swiiming pools opening will take place on Saturday 07/06/2014 and the pool will operate also on Sunday June 8th and after that also on Saturday June 14th and everyday from then on for the summer season.


We want to share our best Wishes for the students that start the Panhellenic School Exams. 

1994 - 2014 This summer Skaras Village sports and wedding venue celebrates 20 years of presence in family enteratainment.  Our swimming pool is planned to open for the public on Satuarday May 31st and to operate for the weekends May 31st, June 1st, and June 7th and 8th. After June 14th it will be open every day.

Flower Exhibition at Melissohori

Parents Clubs of 5th Primary School and and 5th Secondary school Oreokastrou - Melissoxoriou  organize from 2 to 6 May  in the complex "Skaras Village".

The event includes five-day cultural, recreational and sports activities.

Dec 13th to 16th 4days Christmas Fests organized by the Parents Clubs of 5th Preliminary and Secondary schools of Oraiokastro (at the halls of Skaras Village)

The Parents Club of Melissohori elementary school organizes and invites to a Christmas Fest that will take place on Sunday December 1st 2013 at the hall named ERATO of SKARAS VILLAGE.

In Skaras Village took place a speech with subject "Healthy Nutriion" and "Food Safety". The speech was performed by the dietitian - nutritionist Eugenia Karagiannidou. More information in site www.e-diaita.com. Sunday November 3rd 2013.

The summer weather is here and the desire for a nearby swimming pool dive grows. Especially those who live in the city of Thessaloniki would like a cool relaxation in a clear pool of high quality. What could be more tempting than a dive in the pool of Skaras Village events and sports estate.


The opening hours of the pool are 11:00 to 19:00

Skaras Village
2nd km Liti - Melissochori
23940.31782, 6944.387811

Participate by accepting the terms of the draw and send your contact information:

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Unbelievable moments of water amusement also this summer in the swimming pool of Skaras Village.

Opening Saturday June 8th 2013.

Public Entrance 5,- euros.

Children up to 4 yrs old free entrance.

Special offers for season summer cards.

Hours 11:00 to 19:00.

Refreshing cocktails and amusement 15 km from Thessaloniki in the beatiful subarbia area Melissochori.


A foto of a reception in our hall Erato (May 2013)

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