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1. Ownership and Copyright
All right, claim and benefit from and to the elements that are in the site, these rights are held exclusively by the beneficiary and / or their legally underwritten affiliates, unless otherwise expressly indicated in writing (allowing only with the written consent of the Company). The beneficiary retains any time and in any case the intellectual and the other, the rights to these data, and on other subsequent copies thereof, in whatever form found online and in print.

2. Licenses
The user's permission to use the information that identifies the site, is specifically for personal use. The data, which are in the website can be used for personal use only and is expressly forbidden to republish them in any other way (electronic, mechanical or otherwise) for any purpose other than personal use. These elements are not allowed, such as republished in whole, in part, in summary, varying them, and to create derivative works building on them, without the exclusive license holder in accordance with the law.

3. Liability for damages
The occupied elements of the website have and shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, which may be caused to any user of the information, services, and promotional or other displayable content of this website. The beneficiary has no right to compensation for the user.

4. Connecting to other email addresses
The site has the possibility of direct access to other websites. The content of these web pages and other interconnected the beneficiary can not intervene if something considered offensive or invalid. Commitment but the website is edit and control the content and validity of the above.

5. Safety of personal user data
The data of users or website visitors, stated in specific forms of the website and immediately recorded in databases maintained by the The site gives you the security of your data as there is no publication or use of your personal data for absolutely no commercial or other reason.
The only exception to notify your personal information to the obligation of to take such actions, based on the public judicial or administrative authority, in part or whole in legal processes and if this is necessary to place.

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